Published Papers

Mohamed, Ahmed Ezzeldin. “Turnout in Transitional Elections: Who votes in Iraq?.” The Journal of the Middle East and Africa 9.2 (2018): 153-171. Paper here.

Mohamed, Ahmed Ezzeldin. “The Welfare State in Egypt, 1995-2005: A Comparative Approach.” AlMuntaqa 1.1 (2018): 66-83. Paper here.

Mohamed, Ahmed Ezzeldin. “Labor Productivity: Large vs. Small, Turkey vs. EU.”(2014). TUSIAD Competitiveness Forum Briefs. Paper here.

Working Papers

“Trust Nobody: How Conspiracy Theories Can Distort Political Accountability”. Working paper. (with Giovanna Invernizzi). In Review.

“From Religious Violence to Political Compromise: The Historical Determinants of Institutional Trust”. Working Paper. (with Isabela Mares)

Winner, MPSA 2019 Kellogg/Notre Dame Award for Best Paper in Comparative Politics.

Winner, APSA 2020 Politics and History Section’s Award for best paper.

Winner, APSA 2020 European Politics and Society Section’s Award for best paper.

“Official Islam: Why Do Governments Invest in Religious Education”. Working Paper. (with Allison Spencer Hartnett)

“Economic Security and the Strength of Religious Cleavages”. Working Paper. (with John D. Huber)